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Web Security Features

The most important points you must cover for a top-notch security.

Encrypt sensitive data

Protect user privacy

Secure online transactions



Web Application Firewall

Automatic malware removal

Incoming email filtering

Email Archiving

Outgoing Email Filtering

Why to Choose our Security solutions for your Hosting?

The Internet is an excellent resource, and having a website for your personal or business purposes is a brilliant decision. However, you should also be aware that the internet is a wild, weird and insecure place. A website that does not use encryption technology is a piece of cake for criminals, the data communication from such site can be sniffed, extracted, read or altered.

Email Security

Spams are unsolicited emails that can erode your productivity and make you susceptible to various online hazards including scamming schemes. You can secure your emails by automatically activating your domain emails to pass through the Spam Experts filtering cloud. This system integrates seamlessly with any email service to automatically filter incoming emails for spams in real time. The best part is that the system does not require a special configuration, it works out of the box to quarantine spam emails and send the non-spam emails to your mail server.
This valuable resource also allows the user to monitor the quarantined emails through the Spam Panel, email reports or directly from the inbox. The platform enhances your productivity by helping you focus on your core business while retaining full control of your valuable email communications.

SSL Certificates

An SSL is a digital encryption certificate issued to a website which confirms that the data communications on such sites are secured with encryption technology. Such websites usually display a locked padlock on the address bar in modern browsers. The lock indicates that such a website guarantees the data of the user are secured from criminals and is committed to making the internet a safe place.

Web Security

There are many ways to disrupt a website such as hacks, denial or service and many others. However, there are also specialized online services that help you avoid downtime as a result of security exploits. Website Security consistently monitors your website for malicious activities and alerts you when a suspicious action is detected on your site. In a scenario where the security exploit was discovered, Website Security Express will swing to action to clean the infection immediately.
It is a smart decision to create a backup for your website, you can use a program like the Automatic Website Backup to automate the procedure of creating a backup of your site. This program efficient in helping you restore a working version of your files quickly in the event of a security incidence.
When you take the time to create an additional security layer for your website, it becomes a safety net that secures your online asset. You should see your efforts at safeguarding your site as an investment to protect your business, brand reputation, your valuable customers, and audience. Website Security Tools are like insurance that keeps your mind at rest.

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